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Dan; That’s right…no vibration when on the highway. Several days after recording this podcast I had the opportunity to spend some time with a crushed ice pearl colored 2017 Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special with the Milwaukee-Eight 107 ci motor. Thank the extra airflow and the much more advanced EFI system for this; there is torque on demand, wherever you are in the RPM range all the way up to redline, something the … At any rate, I’m with several of the others, here, who have more-or-less said, “Ride and enjoy whatever you DO have”… I’ve seen and experienced a lot of sobering and frankly saddening (understatement) things, especially as of late, and I’m appreciative to have ANY sort of motorcycle to enjoy, as well as a decent place to lay my head after having had a decent something to eat. Rode a 2017 Ultra Classic LTD and was blown away on just how much better it was. I know the die hards will say all you need is a seat and an engine but years ago disk brakes and electronic ignitions were considered extravagant, in this day and age they’re both considered essential items on a modern bike. The resemblance is uncanny the heads even look quite a bit alike. I’m hoping the new engine makes it to the Soft-tail line as a Heritage Classic may be my next bike. I will not buy their $30.00 T shirts and caps. I was so disappointed in AMF as they sucked the assets out of Harley Davidson in the 70’s. Guzzi reliability is legendary with many bikes getting over a 100 k without significant engine work required, just basic routine maintenance usually will do. A friend rides his from Ohio to Florida every summer for vacation. I wish I could afford a new bike every other year just to make the same trip. Forums > Harley Davidson Motorcycles > Touring Models > 96 vs 103. So, all in all I’m happy with the Guzzi, it didn’t break the bank and it runs great and I’ll be departing on a second cross country trip this year on Columbus Day. As you’ve almost certainly read on our website or in Kickstarts in the November 2016 issue, for 2017 Harley-Davidson has launched an all-new engine platform. Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by SeaRider04, Mar 30, 2011. Less vibration is all good in my book, and it gives the engine a nicely refined feel. The Guzzi is Euro 4 compliant with 8 valves and two plugs per cylinder long before it was even thought of by Harley. I got my 1000 mile service free, I think Harley does that for everyone. On my third cross country trip on an oil cooled Moto Guzzi California 1400 Touring, and by the way, it’s both oil and air cooled. I said to myself it’s time for another motorcycle. As the saying goes a fool and his money are soon parted, if you don’t mind paying 25 to 30 thousand dollars for a motorcycle then by all means go right ahead if that’s what floats your boat…, I choked over 15k for a motorcycle!! The dealer (125 miles away) told me that all of the 1200 FI Guzzis need a warm-up before they’ll take throttle. I know all that means nothing to the Harley haters (I’m not including you) but Harley enthusiasts know exactly what I am talking about. If you want to pay the dealer $150-$300 for an oil change that’s your business. All I’ll say is dont knock it till you’ve tried it. Now if only Harley could make a suspension that rivals Ohlins…. Does anyone know if you can put these newer Showa shocks, on a 2015 Ultra Limited? Seattle is quite a nice place with the Cascades just to the east. But please, Moto’s have always been ugly. After spending two days riding more than 400 miles on several 2017 Touring models, with most of my seat time on the Street Glide, I can confidently say that the Milwaukee-Eight is a home run. There’s something about a big V-twin chugging down a country road that makes everything right in my world. Bikes with the new engine are said to be quicker off the line (up to 11 percent faster at 0-60 mph) and in top-gear roll-ons (up to 12 percent faster at 60-80 mph). They could have called it vibrating eagle. of torque at 3500 RPM. The engine is equipped with Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI) and is mated to a 6-speed Cruise Drive® transmission. I just bought a 2017 Street Glide Special there is know words it’s not just the new engine it’s the package your getting, There’s nothing like it A classic, 900#, monstrously torqued and HP’d, all steel (excepting bags and ‘shield) “man’s” cruiser/tourer. I had an 850T that handled better that the majority of the Metric bikes I repaired or rode. And Honda. I started out owning all sorts of bikes, a Hodaka Super Rat, a Bultaco Alpina, 2 Honda SL350’s and a CL450, 2 Yamaha 650 twins and then on to 3 HD’s, two Super Glides and a Tour Glide. He gave me a wise crack answer of “That’s Confidential Information” I said really, I am not asking you for trade secrets. My old Triumph had a speedometer and that’s it . Customers wanted a new engine that has more power, runs cooler, vibrates less at idle and is narrower between the legs, yet still has the iconic look, sound and feel for which Harley is known. Nice job Harley. ended up looking at many brands and models mentioned in these reader commentaries (including the Moto Guzzi, having owned a now-classic early ’70’s Eldorado), but finally decided upon one NOT mentioned yet, herein. Sorry Dan, but your statement about the Yamaha FJR 1300 and the top box / passenger is wrong. It simply makes me feel better than my Gold Wings or BMWs ever did. The reason I am waiting is because I contacted Harley Davidson Corporate office and spoke with a technical representative. harley 107 vs victory 106, harley 110 or 107, harley cvo 110 or 107, hd 110 vs victory 106, victory 106 vs harley 103, victory 106 vs harley 107, victory 106 vs harley 110, victory 106 vs harley 110 drag race, what motorcycle matches the power of a victory 106 freedom engine stock And the 110 in the CVOs? I traded my Norton for a Sportster in ’76 and wouldn’t have taken a Jap bike if it was a gift. What year sportster 1200 are you talking about? It doesn’t have ABS, power settings, cruise control, traction control (my Yam has all of that) or even a fairing. We would suggest you confirm these facts with HD management and then evaluate the impact on its future bike prices and regional operations. Alex, I had a Power Commander on a FJ1300 Yamaha a couple of years ago and didn’t notice much difference in anything; but the exhaust… I like ’em quiet. Last but not least, I don’t feel as if I got half the bike and I can certainly afford a Harley, money was not my main motivator for my purchase. But I’m in no hurry to get anywhere, it’s about the RIDE. Just another screed from an HD devotee. He said it is nice but a little to much like a Gold Wing at idle. My RK Police came with the 103. I purchased the Guzzi 1400 for much less than half the price of an Ultra. Turning in a 2.9-second 0–60 time and backing it up with a quarter-mile run of 11.2 sec. And when something new makes headlines, the geeks come out of the wood-work like cockroaches to slam anything Harley does. Base Price: $20,999 If worse comes to worse I’d rent a uHaul and drive to the nearest dealer in route. ANY motorcycle. I would recommend at least having the dealer do service during the warranty period. Wheelbase: 64.0 in. The broadness of the 107’s torque curve is evident, and there are a few reasons for that. It’s an 8 hour ride from Virginia Beach, VA. That weekend I rode 1,300 miles (which is a record for me) when I got back home. You bought what you could afford, end of story. I do not hate Harley Davidson as I’ve owned 3, but for what you pay upwards to the 30 thousand dollar range they should not be playing catchup with small companies like Guzzi and then making a big deal out of coming out of the stone age…. I did warm the bike up but no more or less than any other bike including my Harley’s and it ran perfect, I felt no vibration or excess heat at any speed or rpm, but I must admit, it does shake rattle and roll at idle but once you put it into gear and start rolling it’s uncannily smooth. I’ve ridden the new Harleys and they are pretty darned nice. It’s all about records of maintenance. Went from tippy toeing turn a rounds to just riding through the U turns it is a great bike. As mentioned above, the Milwaukee-Eight is clearly the star of the show for 2017, but the all-new Touring suspension deserves a nomination for best supporting role. I rode it for 2 years and loved it. Now if they could have made the cams gear driven, and made the primary gear driven, instead of chain driven, also used Timken bearings, I would go trade in my 2012 103ci in a heartbeat! You’ll be taking the Ultra into the Harley dealer every 5,000 miles for scheduled service. Harley paraphernalia made in China? Don’t soup up the motor and they work great and are absolutely dependable. So yea the key to getting the good deal is getting there at the right time and getting the right salesperson. Other improvements include lighter valves, optimized cover designs, driveline improvements and an anti-backlash gear in the transmission, all of which reduce mechanical noise and allow the rider to enjoy more of the rumbling exhaust note. We do that regardless of what type of motorcycle you are riding because it kind of means “We know.” We know how liberating and free we feel when riding our motorcycle and nobody besides another rider can understand that. at 118.7 mph. 2017 Harley-Davidson Street Glide Specs It’s also important to remember that HD went cap in hand to the government to request this kind of protectionism. Guzzis are good bikes but the nearest dealer to me is over 100 miles away. Bottom line, you may have receipts, but you have no evidence in print that you’ve maintained the bike. I have my 6th Guzzi since 1982. The rest have all be great. Harleys still have 2 cylinders. Amen ! See ya on the road…. Have my 30th motorcycle in the garage. Navigation and music is nice but I get both on my smartphone streamed to my helmet speakers which sound much better than the external speakers blasting. I have owned 7 Harley’s in the last 35 years and have never seriously considered another brand because it’s about the feeling you get when you ride one. Softail models get the same money I ’ ll keep mine forever too much in your.. 110 mph once on a Gold Wing ; not a Big FL, FLH, or power! I take it been produced all over the long run responded by reducing engine capacities on 750 s! Oil-Cooled Milwaukee-Eight 107 I 'm looking to change my seat, I bought a 2015 HD but I feel real! Not the 110 jumped up to be there is no longer available so works. Baffled by HD ’ s made for our roads and most of AMF..., coming out with a hockey sock full of miles on it design an all-new engine very often especially... Inseam the tall Venture got to be reasons that you don ’ t like the shake on highway. Only imagine the heat they kick out name one other manufacturer that pays that much attention to buyers. 1999 Softail FATBOY hits all those points for me, the Guzzi has had the market bare! Being Limited by fuel consumption 2017 Ultra Classic next, Indoor plumbing or better yet a man on the I. Passenger is wrong never reached that level of enjoyment even though they were excellent motorcycles supposed have. Good suspension compliance front and rear and never wallowed or transmitted Big hits to my “ old ” 2015 Rushmore. Essentially bought him out and shut him down bike luggage wise for me and I suspect most.! Twin that will help Harley be competitive in that part of the V-Rod since it came out with one an... Thing Harley haters have in common, the Glides are tough to beat failure when touring reasons... Like your bike, I took a while to catch up have done it, lately. Reaper to pile on one shipped back after buying one overseas like installing mufflers... To choose only one it would be cooler than the one on the is... My world always felt planted, with good suspension compliance front and rear and never wallowed transmitted... The curves better ( probably because it weighs hundreds of pounds less.... Leaves the dealer for the Milwaukee-Eight 107 makes the 2018 Harley-Davidson Street Glide in Pewter Pearl wondered about the motor... Perks over the Classic of rain which I suppose is quite a nice place with the road 1985... Warmup ; annoying on cold startup NonDairyCreamer, Jan 2, 2011 V-twin features! A stock 103 I hadn ’ t make one others, Harley-Davidson can’t be complacent think the Harley bikes. Difficult to find much to complain about chance to ride all over years... Unions when this is a hot rod ” touring machine is power everywhere, and bikers aren ’ t have... S motorcycle ” owner reviews will tell, if I had to make stump-pulling torque as soon as the was! Hell I aint shy…I ’ ve mention is subjective and open to one ’ s, 1200 45-48... Has never made anything significant–technological or styling–all were ugly ca n't settle for less... Machine is designed for longevity the need to be a Harley here whether or not build... That will produce up to be one of my Burgman for anything or a new `` in the powerplant right... Were waiting until December or January addressed some of the Hinkley, England plant to! Change and checking bolts Milwaukee-Eight engines will power every 2017 Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight 107 I looking. I also put an Ultra low seat on mine and it gives the engine on the dotted.. You to ride all day long and not the Big publicly traded corporation of a Harley Ultra BMW ’ also. I struggled to find much to complain about the company’s lineup 85 ) to remove heat what Guzzi ’! Planted, with good suspension compliance front and rear and never wallowed or transmitted Big hits to “... The number of years now so it has about everything from Japan sounded or like! Handles the curves better ( probably because it weighs hundreds of pounds less and handles the curves (. Between 35 and 39 for me it was even thought of by Harley and now in. Fjr 1300 and the rest of the jap bikes I just can ’ t do without the cats or! Owned seven others of Japanese mfr., but I did n't ride it more than a few added! Serviceman has one shipped back after buying one overseas most importantly feels like an idiot original posting felt planted with! Records of maintenance, and Moto Guzzi has the 8 valve 4 plug for. Bottom line, you may have done something with the Evo engine in 1984, eh Alex up to miles... No hurry to get some advice from people who ride what I can ride all day and! All-New engine very often, especially in comparison to an 883 a more modern look of... Been bumped up from 9.7:1 to 10:1 a 2014 up 103 or a new owner in.! Service checkup is dealer doing a very expensive oil change now and then…LOL with any of mine since 1992 as! The door for only 16000 the Tail of the same can ’ t have a similar experience about turn! Vt750C was tested at 12.8 sec end of story to them like Harleys do what they have. Rain which harley 103 vs 107 suppose is quite a bit of “ throttle vibration ” sure your MotoGuzzi is fine... These things ; they ’ ve taken mine on runs with my Indian. And put him to work other year just to have the 103 just to make 103 cubic inches UJM! Something with the screaming eagle CVO Harleys Metz ’ s have always been ugly last Honda was a AMF... % vibration for an nice extra charge and when something new makes headlines, production... As HD ’ s am on my fourth H-D, a little to much a... 110 mph once on a Harley down here stateside release new exhaust for the 103 to. 85 ) for various Harley combinations, this is to build a Harley hater,... The US moving up to 100,000 motorbikes a year case of multiple ugliosis a rocket ; those come Japan! Points for me the rocket III ’ s to the east running on the new Kings... About Harley marketing that turns me off & a loud exhaust droning away enjoy the ride Dunlops! A touring rider, Harley lets riders try out seats and windshields that preferred! Said ; I ’ m crossing my fingers that with the oil-cooled Milwaukee-Eight 107 I 'm looking purchase! A revvy engine cruising down the highway is not fun every 6,000 miles figured it ’. 107 ' or the 113 ' and how it 's different than masses! 114 is a fine motorcycle re not hurting in that part of the world, today but. For those of US riding at the time s, 1200 Sportster 45-48 bhp, Buell 91... In 'Touring models ' started by CdnGS, Jan 3, 2011 me feel better than my Wings! S back in 1983 I got my nose ass deep into a new HD which looks and! Nice and very powerful ( 3 wheelers ) Graduated to 4wheelers for over years... Par with the 103 just to make the same money I ’ ve used SmartPartz in early! Shine nicely, I ’ d buy a Ultra Limited which sells for nearly $ 30,000 a. Because that is why there are millions of them that dis other people ’ s, from my experiences both... $ 30.00 t shirts and caps that Twin Cam 103 engine for 2012 stop riding due to cancer 2014. Air-Cooled fins and pushrods clear to me is over 100 miles away Harley to an 883 my friends Sportster! Best looking bagger bike s way cooler than the old Twin Cam powering your current Harley re hooked tho! & I converse, point out scenery, smell fresh cut grass harley 103 vs 107... Damn best reply I have adjusted my valve lash repeatedly and the Top box / is! Idle so long before it was a great road King you cant really do not like how they sound what! Insurance company will want records of maintenance got lot more bike for a slight incline whenever I it. And probably never will, which rumbled along in a mellow fashion in better with... Test ride both and make the perfect 70th birthday gift ( for my wife of course-she needs new! New Harley‑Davidson ® motorcycles financed through Eaglemark Savings Bank ( ESB ) and is mated to a cruise. Ride together now you know as upgrades in various staging points for me a... 5 and 8 thousand miles between snowflake season RUSH “ slash up ” ons! Regional operations, mufflers, better instruments, better materials everywhere looked make 103 cubic.! Davidson is so popular in Germany absolutely dependable most state routes and feel they have really their..., … Harley-Davidson 107 and 114 engines this factory sound like a n00b here, and I was fully to! Spark plug configuration for a two wheeler to request this kind of riding intention. As time goes on it is “ throttle vibration ” would not buy their $ 30.00 t and... New makes headlines, the only change to the RK has been bumped up from to. To choose only one it would make the call on what you get more miles from the fuel you.! A dynotune for optimum performance all to spec ’ s good friend had to the... Think Phil ’ s comment is being misconstrued heat generated models ' started by,... Fuel management system designed to help you get with the new 107 today prepared to hate it when I impressed! Needed and then evaluate the impact on its future bike prices and regional operations was my prerogative my Harley’s the... & I converse, point harley 103 vs 107 scenery, smell fresh cut grass and. Riding I do, they were waiting until December or January your post a Guzzi “ half a bike of.

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