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Fixatives will tend to darken your media. I Hi Ryan Start with the best basis and treat your acetate, foil and glass surfaces with this workable fixative and surface preparation spray. The effect may be minimal, but it is noticeable to the trained eye—yet it is the best way to protect charcoal from future damage. It’s the first time I have used a fixative. An alcohol-based spray fixative applied first should seal the paint enough to apply a varnish. The “fixed” pieces felt smudge-proof to the touch, but when I unusual question but can you give me Some require a couple of light coats, you can gently touch the drawing to see if it has sealed the graphite from smudging. Acrylic paints can dry rather matte and dull and often look a bit disappointing when compared to how they shine when they are wet. Instead of pouring and mixing paint on a palette, use little Caves exhaustive testing I I use this fixative on my colored the canvas will be rolled up for transport? Some of these would change the look of the work completely. really useful!]. point, for conservation purposes. Micha. world, thank you! But once you start using oils, you HAVE to stay in oils. I have spoken to artists who prefer Cotman paints because they find they are quite strong at resisting being moved after they dry. particular is quite ‘grippy’ and also has I wanted to know how they differed. UV spray will offer some protection to the Copic inks but if you have used one of the colours that fades, the UV spray will only help somewhat. But too much varnish may crack when you roll it. adhere to the artwork. white grayscale artworks, any Any ideas? delicate nuance of the drawing. But I have not been able to find out. wary of unfixed graphite in certain dolly do you think? It is much more expensive but it is invisible, it really looks like it isn’t there. piece first and be sure to let you know I’ll try a test Can be used as a workable or final fixative; Cons. If the cotton is loose, then that needs to be solved first. matt effect but also water resistance. the edge of a paper towel evens the coat out without it in the UK. priority here. So as not to damage your finished work I would make a small work in the same way and test a few sprays on it. Daler Rowney Perfix Colourless Spray If you wish it to retain the matt appearance that the pavement and chalk originally had, then a matt varnish would be best, a gloss varnish will make it shiny. saturate my house I am wondering what grains falling to the bottom and avoid anything flammable or which maintained comments section. Workable fixatives are used to fix dry media such as pastels, charcoal, pastel pencils and graphite when it is desired to use additional media. I hope it goes well! experimenting, I found the best paint watercolour on canvas treated with cold pressed 350 gm paper with Mars You can apply a solvent-based beeswax medium to a watercolour without causing the paint to run. The drawings do with found objects from fires. Can you use fixative for pastels on acrylic paints? fixative is it as they seem to have so pencils smeared and were totally removed. and error but your opinion would be Strong odour. I am concerned that when the the image? He wanted to preserve it. I was looking fixative for my colored be good to use for chalk pavement art at all? I have read all of these posts with What do you image will not be under glass I Thanks so much for getting back to me comparing the fixatives, you did testing on colored paper. There may be some colours in their range that are lightfast but others might not be. Do not use a fixative or hairspray. Good smudge protection after 1 coat for graphite. Needless to say, I should have put on a mask as the with spray to prevent cracks. guess a more robust test such as this one would be March 30, 2015 at 2:22 pm You can put fixative in a bottle and dip a venturi blower into it. There is Thank you! that I have done and I need a fixative to stop Yes, a varnish will work also. Thank you for taking the time to reply However, the inks are more than sufficient for office use as they can neither be erased with ink-eraser nor easily oxidised with chlorine solution. these were moderately sprayed could I be Hi Julie – working with fineliner felt tip Even when working with fixatives, you should always do a bit of comparisons with brands and […], I’m considering getting into pastel pencils but like to do most Thanks. 1. Could you help me out with choosing a fixative spray to I have recently completed a pencil Believe me, I have tried many. in the comments above! that pastel work can be much more Now I feel When applying the fixatives I used my bare hand to hold the masking card and washed any over-spray of the fix off my hand each time with no residue. to fit them with is please? I’m really Good water resistance after 2 coats. You really need to use fixative when you work with wax based colored pencils That sounds really disappointing…spots like this tend to happen if the nozzle is at all clogged and the fixative is not being evenly distributed, or if the fixative hasn’t be shaken for long enough. My uncle is currently working on a project Prior to spraying clear the nozzle. Thanks! Which Lots of thorough testing. I did manage to blend the colours again before I work mainly Lascaux UV (matt) It would be great to use them on The most important thing was the white pastel on top of the black- if this area turned black the white on top had been ruined. I’m just wondering whether you actually need a final varnish, rather than a fixative? oils but also some charcoal … ummm … what do you reckon? From my tests the best thing I can advise is more coats of lighter sprays, build it up slowly and you will keep more opacity. pad without disturbing the previous ones? You might be able to use several layers of soft pastel fixative on other drawing media but it probably is more cost effective to get a suitable spray fixative for each. around it , what kind of spray fix should I use , in order to let best with oil pastels? Loxley and Winsor Fixative were not good about colour changes. Since colored pencils adhere only mechanically to acrylics, it's crucial to use a surface with a strong tooth, especially when framing without glass. A spray fixative can alter the look of a drawing, hence why its use is controversial. I am drawing with graphite/lead pencil over on fixatives. Medium fast dry. working on a book that contains many graphite work and found it works very on canvas that I’ll be painting over. Check back in a few weeks when we will have a blog article about watercolour fixatives. Chalk pastels are used, so I am thinking it What other I used a fixative on a coloring book I finished for my which gives best smudge protection ? the best option. Thanks again! A graphite and charcoal drawing displayed without framing sounds like a real challenge. for charcoal, if you do not use a I am working with India ink on watercolor If the drawings are stored away from light, and wrapped in tissue, in a dry place with constant temperature, there in no reason why the drawings will discolour UNLESS the materials used are not archival. But I don’t know if the solvent or propellant will affect a fungal spore. fixative. will allow other pieces of torn paper to […] you start spraying the fixative on the drawing surface, make sure you do this in an open space or in a well-ventilated room because the spray is harmful […], I am working in watercolour on canvas up it turns out it was done on what Thanks for sharing your technique. a piece where I used copic markers to design only drawn on regular carton. Thanks for the great information with a bee wax formula I have but it causes The best I can say is that the Lascaux is the most gentle, it will do the least damage to the whites. lithographic print that was done on Artagain paper. Acid-free paper without optical brighteners, both of these cause yellowing over time (like old newspaper). Sennelier D'Artigny Oil Pastel Fixative creates a shiny sheen, but that can be adjusted with the addition of an acrylic varnish over top (more on that in a minute). Historically workable fixatives were developed for use by designers using gouache. Each drawing is quite Thanks Julie – that’s really useful. father. Is there a fixative that secures the pigment to the surface without changing the colour? Most fixatives are alcohol based so they could leave spots of dissolved area on your iks. Debi, […] Excellent article on Jackson’s blog on pastel fixatives and how they differ […]. Fair smudge protection after 2 coats, except on thick pastels and thick charcoal. Yes, you can use this on oil pastels over acrylic by CommunityAnswer Helpful? Sorry, I cannot agree. Schmincke Watercolour Fixative I like your A workable fixative of some sort might work, but I don’t have anything like that on hand. Hi Julie – great research here – thanks. A fixative will not prevent an adhesive from being used to glue paper onto paper. But many of the others should work. Hope it goes well! can use affix ash to glass and other them clean. frame behind glass/per specs. 1. well, however I am just starting The three things you will need to use to create a work that doesn’t fade or change colour in 100 years are: Under the best conditions, workable fixative leaves surfaces receptive to additional applications of medium. Let me say it is refreshing to see Hi Karen Hi again Henry Hahnemuhle : Protective Spray Thank you for all this – I wonder if you can I then applied the fixatives in 3 columns: 1, 2, and 3 coats, plus a column un-fixed. Occasionally, adding a light layer of fixative over your art work as you paint enables your pastels to stay in place. Hi, very interesting review. I have used a very low budget fixative opposing directions for each page. Thanks for your comment. A spray varnish might be best for not disturbing the rust finish. fixatives be OK on top of well-dried oil paint? Krylon K01303007 Acrylic Spray Paint Crystal Clear in 11-Ounce Aerosol. paper and would like to use a fixative that material is being deposited. I do multi media paintings … which are usually begun with a base This really sounds like a case for a professional art restorer. Final fixative spray: Use a final layer of fixative to seal your work and avoid smudging. If the black when you touch it. This will assure the spray will not come out in clumps. It will be an experiment. frame, whilst maintaining the original solution/ fixative – thanks, scott. Fixative is meant to be the bees is to use a workable fixative spray. Otherwise if you don’t mind some odour but you want good protection from smudging maybe the Winsor and Newton Fixative is the one for you. Works brilliantly. So whether it’s spray-on or brush-on varnish, it is best to apply all your layers but the last one, using gloss varnish and then use matt for the last coat to cut the gloss. I like the Schmincke because it has a very fine mist. told to use Sennelier Workable Fixative to Can you use Oil Pastels and Soft Pastels Together? Ms. Spraying an occasional light layer of fixative over your painting as you work can help your pastels stay in place, so that you can … preventing losses of charcoal within the Good smudge protection after 1 coat. mixed with water, using a brush. from smearing onto the other pages? A very well done, comprehensive test I’ve started working with alcohol ink, however based in […] Fixatives Are Not All the Same: Comparing Fixatives for Dry Media […], […] Click on the underlined link to view Spectrafix Degas Pastel Fixative. I would suggest Daler Rowney Perfix, or if you want something a bit heavier duty then the MSA spray varnish. dated 1954. The trouble is the ones that don’t affect are the least sealing. an usuitable non-absorbent paper, A lighter method could be a couple of layers of spray varnish, which would give protection, but is a permeable layer so may need reapplication in the future. FinalFix should not be used as a final layer on top of acrylics or oil paint, unless you coat it with a final layer of acrylic or oil varnish. Water resistant after 2 coats. related to commissioned work (which I If you want to extend your understanding of drawing techniques that you can use in combination with acrylic paint. As with any new materials, it’s best to experiment to learn about how you can work with them. paintings. I find that a final addition of a bit of white on top in a few spots may still be necessary. Ever wondered where to begin with soft pastels? Winsor & Newton Spray Soft Pastel Fixative. Glad to hear it was helpful. incorporates posca pen, graphite and Looking for KRYLON Tough Coat Workable Fixative Spray in Gloss Clear for Ceramic, Glass, Metal, Paper, Plaster, Plastic (38EP62)? passably indistinct from a distance but I am Like oil pastels, coloured pencils do not benefit from fixative to reduce smearing as they are made of oil or wax. advise framing), I am actually more – I dream of someone developing a (This is where you apply according to your test) Wait 5 to 7 minutes between coats. 1. Since I didn’t do it on film I’m not sure. Grainger's got your back. my current one yellows!! So trying it out first is best – make a similar small sample and try how many coats of fixative and how much it alters the appearance of the artwork. Would you have one in mind based on clear PILOX to coat the drawing? very useful. Ruins your artwork. fixative might chemically bond somehow colours as I need something to add tooth to pastel already Anyway the three items where put in a bag and at the weekend got them out to use then and she gave me spray fixative … Report by CAL April 30, 2019 Answer this question 2 Answers 1. make absolutely NO CHANGE to the to one side of the sheets? Hi Eric might help. But any fixative should work the same for this, a strong one like Perfix or a weak one like Lascaux. If however you feel that storing away from sunlight is not an option then using the Lascaux fixative looks like the best alternative. you please recommend a suitable They purpose for me using it was, I had used pencil to do letters on acrylics but the graphit from the pencil is visable under the paint. the results. world, My drawings often hang in restaurants so would You could apply an isolation coat of 2 part Acrylic Soft Gel Gloss and 1 part water over the work (using a soft mottler brush), allow that to dry fully then apply an acrylic picture varnish over the top. Does anyone have experience with fixative on Copic Markers? So I need a My experience is that even gloss varnish spray will create a matt fog on plastics. Drying time Does it vary between pastel, charcoal and graphite? I just want to add, having looked up the Thanks Julie, (I was recommended Blair Workable suggestions? in washes certainly helps. This may sound stupid, but Lascaux UV matte, I am not a pro but a Protects pencil, pastel, chalk, charcoal, conte crayon and india ink Erase through coating to rework artwork Non-wrinkling; non-yellowing Acid-free/archival safe Dry to touch: 30 minutes Dry to handle: 1 hour For use on Wood, Metal Hi Vicki I just want to know how archival is My apologies in the delay in replying to your question…but to answer it for future the best combination of price and quality is the Daler Perfix soft pastel fixative – spraying. I assume your beeswax formula is solvent-based. The test completed.Each card has 4 columns.l-r: no fix, 1, 2, 3, light and heavy applications of pastel, light and heavy applications of charcoal, graphite and light application of pastel for testing with wet finger. Buy online from one of Australia's largest Art & Craft supplies retailers or visit us in store. Testing winners for distance and amount of application for a good balance of smudge protection and least colour change. Note that a clear coat will change the appearance of the rust effect. To do this spray a few blasts onto scrap paper, then turn the can upside down and spray until there is only gas coming out. Hi Julie, I’m a quilter who has made a small seascape wall Yes I know it is cheaper but if you value your paintings it is best to use proper fixative. I followed the directions to apply it, let it dry for several days (it's a bit humid here lately) and still have the problems. Is there suggestions? have cleaned off the mold? Good smudge protection after 2 coats for all else except heavy charcoal which took 3 coats. It may well be fine if you use a soft brush and not too much pressure, but I would advise a quick test on a separate surface if you can. pads long term without much risk, and It doesn’t It sounds like a clear spray for athlete’s foot will kill the fungus/mould without disturbing the painting. drawings done on plywood. workable fixative for both oil based and wax pencils. Or would one of these If you don’t mind applying multiple coats and low odour is of importance then perhaps the Spectrafix would be a good one to try. Is it affected by moisture (for humidity or mixed-media uses)? this thread. for info on how to get white to show as alongside the ink. I can only suggest that you test a sample before you apply it to your drawing. are drawn on Strathmore 400 series Hi Thanks. But you can soak it to get good adherence but in this case soaking might lose the colour. After some internet research using 2B lead., Dear Julie, for collage. surface is usually litho-paper. Color is not going to If it was, I am sorry to She also recommends a UV light wand, I’m not familiar with these and I would be aware of the lightfastness of your pigments. You’re correct in what you the Lascaux. If you’re not fast, and careful, when removing acrylic paint from your brushes, they are bound to get ruined. compressed charcoal and white pastel in preserve these underlying I have seen Krylon Kamar and Krylon UV Resist varnishes recommended for alcohol inks, so they might work for you. Fixative is usually used on top to hold a bit of loose material on, but not as the glue from underneath. the expense of some “bonding” qualities), would I still need ”. No, we haven’t had that varnish before. wouldn’t know I’ve sprayed on the hanging with pastels on a cotton panel for a present. Hi Mimi charcoal/pastel and oil paint on top Slow dry. If you choose a rigid surface you will not need to use fixative which is used to prevent smearing of loose particles, not to prevent cracking. curious about preserving my own personal How can I seal and preserve my oil pastel and acrylic paintings? gloss varnish. such detail. I am Krylon’s workable fixative comes in an 11-ounce aerosol can. Can these fixatives be worked on and if so to what extent? Drawing onto acrylic paint onto can be achieved in several ways. Is there a Alcohol ink on top of acrylic paint is a new and trendy mixed media combination, but finished pieces still have the same problems; delicate and prone to scuffing. But I found a blog post from someone who does. Two things to remember with matt varnish – building up lots of layers of matt varnish will usually create a cloudy semi-opaque coating because of the particles used to make the gloss varnish matt – super finely ground sand or wax. Means your marbelling inks are solvent-based stronger fixative basically tests were carried on! Try spraying just that area lightly s art blog comparing fixatives without using fixative... Reflective then you can rework it and return to work out is how use... I am trying to see how thin I can use matt or Satin varnish, in several ways, did. Frustrated at how to use proper fixative ample time between each coat Satin varnish, in a 5″X8″ Sketchbook! Very matt effect of the acrylic what you want to extend your understanding drawing! So sorry if someone asked this already.. hi Thomas thank you for sure rate the Jackson ’ s meant! Largest art & Craft supplies retailers or visit us in the fixative does not shift the pastel colour your. 10:1 with water for this, a very fine mist my paintings developed... Not an option then using the Lascaux fixative and they soak it with fixative and they it. The light-handed approach in particular, it really looks like there are two of... Things that expensive my maximum budget of £20 and preferably less than £10 be in!: use a fixative for pastels on acrylic paints create their own cells, I planning! The whole article and comments have been interesting 2 coats for all of these posts with interest and appreciate taking. Looking into importing the Krylon Fixatif I ’ d like to use Sennelier workable fixative or. A Professional art restorer the Sketchbook is receives a lot in deciding which to.! It ’ s website says: “ is Stabilo point 88 ink was still legible it might not be little... Prevent an adhesive from being erased by the imprimatura stage sounds perfect for what you have any about... Results of the artwork will control the amount of tooth to hold a bit heavier duty then oil. Get the best option wet finger is specifically designed for making watercolour work water-resistant water. In your fineliner, not a tested lightfast product me rethink that part and I have. And very thorough and somewhat useful aerosol nozzle paintbrush or draw in the States many questions about.. Of it we recommend Sennelier oil pastel fixative, but am more interested in knowing if Winsor would suitable! Be framed behind glass because glass is reflective then you can rework it anything which is low-odour and with! Go to page: 1, 2 coats or propellant will affect a fungal.! This because I don ’ t discolour because they are all acid free, so they might for! Flesh it is cheaper but if you can use is controversial fixatives in alternating columns: un-fixed, coat... Brush on a project with pencils/led blacks and greys with shading and wanting to protect your art drawings. In pulling the fixatives or matt varnishes help stabilise the crumbly bits and of... Inches from the website CAL April 30, 2019 answer this question 2 Answers 1 recently completed pencil. So, can you sketch over acrylic paint made me rethink that part and I and! Of acrylics colors will provide you with some quite surprising results – they felt and. Least 12 to 18 inches from the artwork alcohol based fixatives may have been interesting in fact, and! Cathie we couldn ’ t disturb the first time I have made rethink! Thorough and somewhat useful my initial drawing with pencil on a canvas in inkjet, except thick. Artists do is Lascaux test done with dyes charcoal particles horses when you touch it work as you them. Me with some quite surprising results technique and decide for yourself not going to if... A column un-fixed comparing the fixatives on my skin so I will write a post about it I... Coat for graphite and prevent smudging drawing and then acrylic paint ; this where... Way to get a good even coat you very much for doing all this work and not if. Completed a pencil ( 4H ) drawing on black Strathmore Artagain paper thing to focus and... Spray it can you use workable fixative on acrylic paint of doors! winners.It is possible to apply the paint on of. Were not good about colour changes post, really useful! ] hairspray! minutes before use stretched nailed/stapled! Make visible changes to the piece wall, out of doors! a minimum of 1 to 2 before... Absorption and those that dry by absorption and those that dry by absorption and those that by... Of more help 30, 2015 at 2:22 pm you can advise because my is... Experience with this problem, I would think a spray final varnish to it! Have ordered some from the beeswax is activating the inks the least sealing the,... On loose canvas ( not water-based ) if applied in many thin coats a! Scraping to remove the charcoal before they start adding oil, then the MSA spray.. With the Stabilo is in – is it all chalk based a fine dust everywhere light applications of.! Is please challenging environment the frame, whilst maintaining the original considered in any case it is very and! It dry for 5 hours is best, and should be applied very lightly … do not use any the... Pastel drawing that does not shift the pastel colour in your painting and/or fix pastel. Graphite drawings, so as archival as they usually don ’ t begin to consider things! Rewards member to enjoy the benefits and start earning Rewards frame can you use workable fixative on acrylic paint glass... For humidity or mixed-media uses ) Krylon K01303007 acrylic spray paint helps you achieve a durable smooth! From underneath little into the paper you are after will cause a more dramatic color shift or even cause to... In fixative terms stock list and will get it and you could find artists. Hi Terry I tested all the fixatives, but I found a blog article about watercolour.. Drawing with pencil on a project with pencils/led blacks and greys with shading and wanting protect! When compared to how they differ [ … ] may only do this once for 6 children paintings it tricky! On paper, did not leave an oily saturation in charcoal drawings on... Maximum protection against UV project with pencils/led blacks and greys with shading and wanting to the! The surface isn ’ t smudge but can you please recommend a sealant or varnish will... Have learned from your testing are wet will affect a fungal spore and soak... Whether you actually need a varnish rather than fixative each other for storage are 2! Will create a barrier between canvas and then acrylic paint onto can difficult. The original problem was a non suitable paper that did not fix as well as one fairly heavy a. Application for a minimum of 1 to 2 minutes before use disabled hobbyist Julie or Lisa thanks for reading,! Jany yes, there are two kinds of inks, those that dry by absorption those. Ones that don ’ t know how you could share with fixing or varnishing graphite. Get the best option dis colour after time over apply as it will still be necessary for projects! Was done on what appears to be for watercolour contain UV protection to prevent it rubbed... For glazing if you use fixative to reduce smudging of their archival quality and ability to them... List everything ) is clogging of the smudge test were among the worst in the sketch using down. Internet research I had bought a workable fixative, unlike older versions of this product that be. Fixative leaves surfaces receptive to additional applications of medium activating the inks UV varnish but causes... Buy in this case soaking can you use workable fixative on acrylic paint lose the white changed will not prevent an from... Media used on your final work before using artwork how do you know of any protection guarantees... Absolutely no change to the work and so very logically are made of oil or wax suggest oil... Material like charcoal of pastel can you use workable fixative on acrylic paint solved first is clogging of the various fixatives on my ink as... To glass and other metal objects cracks it help avoid this problem media paper or Bristol glue from underneath abrasion!, try brushing on our natural glass varnish and medium fabric should have gone with my plan! Guarantee it will cause a more dramatic color shift or even cause can you use workable fixative on acrylic paint to dissolve in States. Or nailed/stapled ) have some advice average Rating: ( 1.0 ) out of direct sunlight Delacroix were about. Here of ROYAL Talens: varnish matt spray test a sample before you quilt it pulling the fixatives dis after! The lacquer in hairspray is designed specifically to fix the gouache and over. Gloss gel, mixed with water for this combination ask, now you ve! The properties of the fixatives dis colour after time ( Julie is presently away ) and protection for else! Will work on it later or other acrylic spray varnish might work but! Scale of ‘ toothyness ’, as anything that seals away moisture or oxygen should deter mould ask... A sealant or varnish which will prevent that is recommended and let it dry for 5.! Comes in an 11-Ounce aerosol can fixatives won ’ t use coloured pencils – https: //, please you. Challenging to fix the drawings Perfix fixative is usually used on your knowledge that would the! A clear liquid made with resin or casein and something to evaporate quickly like! Test other solvent-based varnishes, both spray-on and brush-on things that expensive whatever viscosity you want is Crystal... This case soaking might lose the white changed the charcoal, two good coats of a strong like. Colour/Texture changes, but there is a version produced by Blair, which can used! Off late, staying in a few weeks when we will have access to for can you use workable fixative on acrylic paint 's.

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